The Heart of the Country: Mount Lovćen National Park

Mount Lovćen National Park Montenegro
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From atop the awe-inspiring Mount Lovćen you can experience iconic views of Montenegro with the black mountains completing the vista. Lying within the Dinaric Alps, Mount Lovćen is one of three original national parks and boasts two main peaks the tallest are Stirovnik (1.749m above sea level) and Jezerski vrh (1.657m above sea level).

In Mount Lovćen National Park the top things to do are visit the sacred Njegoš mausoleum the world’s tallest mausoleum, hike the park's highest peak Stirovnik, enjoy outdoor sport and watch the nightfall and sun setting slowly in the bay.

A Day with a Prince

Lovćen National Park Sunset MountainsYou can spend a day or a week t Mount Lovćen National Park 62 square km area with adventures such as hiking, biking, climbing, zip-lining, camping, mountaineering or head to the water for sport. No matter how long you’re here you must see Njegoš mausoleum. Past visitors warn to go early in the morning to avoid crowds and to get the best views.

Njegoš mausoleum holds the remains of Petar II Petrović Njegoš. Njegoš the country’s beloved hero who became ruler at the age of seventeen and fought side-by-side with his men to maintain Montenegro as its own country and liberating it from foreign rule. He is responsible for the modernization and progressive development of culture.

It sits atop the park’s second tallest peak, Jezerski Vrh at 1657 m. Climbing 461 chunky steps through the tunnel in the mountain and up to the gates you are met by two huge granite guards. The chapel houses the gigantic black marble statue of Njegoš sitting under a gold tile ceiling while his remains are interred within the sarcophagus.

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After visiting the crypt and atrium continue to the back of the Mausoleum and you will be rewarded with a viewing deck of the best panoramic views of Montenegro. Miles and miles out, sometimes all the way to Italy. I hope you brought your camera.

While you’re in Njeguši sample their local njeguški pršut, smoked dried ham, and their unique cheeses. On your journeys, look for restaurants serving another local delicacy, priganice, a kind of doughnut. You will be glad you did.

Returning from the Mausoleum follow the narrow road, Kotor/Njeguši, and the asphalt trail along the coast and finally above Kotor. Here’s where you’ll find a stone terrace in the form of a threshing floor at the point where you can view the entire bay.

Access Lovcen National Park in Cetinje where you want to stock up on supplies. Alternatively, you can reach the Mausoleum by foot or drive up from Kotor with its fascinating 32-hairpin bends in the road. The views are great but watch out for taxis and buses coming the opposite way. You could even sign-up with a tour group.

Unplug, retreat and recharge

Lovćen National Park MoutainLovcen National Park is chock full of nature, history, culture and extensive architectural heritage and holds old stone houses and katuns (hut-like cottages) which are the summer settlements of cattle breeders. Wild animals, far from the trails and 1200 species of plants, flowers and trees

You may want to spend several days in the moderate, the Mediterranean like climate, that makes it the perfect place for spring summer and fall. However, the most popular sport at high snowy slopes is Nordic skiing.

An unexpected adventure is found at Adventure Park. For adrenaline-pumping activities, you’ll find Adventure park up in the trees at 1.5m to 15 meters above ground located at Ivanova Korita.

As a brave explorer, you’ll find ten trails each showcasing about 15 different physical activity games. You’ll find that the games are at different heights and the park provides the necessary equipment such as helmet, gloves and belt with a professionally trained team of instructors explain and guide you through the application of the games.

Mount Lovćen Trails and Mountains that Wow

Lovćen National Park Twisty RoadsHikers, walkers and bikers have a choice of five well-marked trails varying in length. The highest climb and a few of the top trails include the following:

Mount Stirovnik is the hardest and most arduous climb, yet. First, you climb up the observation platform, Pestingrad, with a panoramic view of the Bay of Kotor and continue up to the top of Stirovnik (1749 m.). This is the highest peak of Mount Lovcen and the length of the route is about 11 m. For the experienced in their best shape.

Wolf Trail with Detour to Babina Glava

Known as the best hike in Montenegro, the Wolf Trail and detour to Babina Glava is considered magical in the autumn with whispering winds, bird-song and rumours of elves.

Ivanova Korita to Kuk Point

This trail is all about dramatic views of majestic mountains, jaw-dropping vistas, the coast, Tivat and Fjords in the distance.

The Mausoleum from Ivanova Kortia

The trailhead near the Hotel Monte Rosa or Ivanov Konok Hotel is a great half or full-day through rocky outcrops and grassy meadows where you finally reach the Mausoleum.

From Njegusi To Mausoleum

Starting in Erakovici, the south of Njegos, this is long and exhausting at 18.1 km, 11.2 miles. Uphill. The hike reveals a stunning view of Njegusi and the valley. Not Easy but Worth it

Mausoleum is accessible by foot; car and the safest way is taking off from Cetinje in the valley just under the Lovćen mountain. For a day You can take a taxi up to the Maus. It’s too funny. There are no direct line buses to the park only to Centinje where you will arrive and look for one of the taxi drivers which will take you up to the Mausoleum and wait for you! Beware. The hairpin road is either exciting or challenging depending on who’s driving.

Most trailheads start in Ivanova Korita, a tiny forest village where the Adventure Park is, and restaurants and hotels. You’ll find a Visitor Center there handy for you to get all the maps you’ll need.

Under the Stars or in a Four-Star Hotel

Make plans to stay overnight. You can camp or Glamp (a must-do) just about anywhere. You can sign-up for a hut-to-hut Katuns scheme or choose between two hotels located in the park, Hotel Monte Rosa and Hotel Ivanov Konak with a ski slope. Bothe have equipment rentals.

There are cultural farm stays ideal for families. The Holiday Home Windrose, cabins and Katuns. Close by are holiday villas and the Old Town Kotor Hostel.

Montenegro is no slouch. In fact, "National Geographic Traveler", has ranked Montenegro as one of the world’s seven most attractive family holiday destinations in 2021. In other publications, such as The Rough Guide, Expedia TravelPulse and Forbes, the country has been recognized as one of the four countries to visit, one of 10 up-and-coming destinations to know, one of the top trending destinations and one of the top 10 beach destinations.

The mountains of limestone, fall directly to the water and on the continental side, it gradually rises. A beautiful setting of Kotor Bay, Skadarsko, Jezero lake and the open sea and the distant Prokletije mountain range, and the forest and meadow covered valley of Ivanova Korita makes Montenegro a star while Mount Lovćen National Park a jewel in the crown of the country.

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