Best things to do in Kotor, Montenegro

Best Things to do in Kotor, Montenegro
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Kotor history

The city of Kotor, also known as Cattaro, is a coastal city in the southern European country of Montenegro, which sits on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. The historic land is a beautiful, appealing, and popular place with rich, medieval Venetian historical roots with many picturesque villages that are breathtaking. The old city was built during the 12th and 14th centuries, and the fortified walls that protect the city lead to the fortress of Saint Ivan, which is also known as the Fortress of Saint John.

During its long, storied, and enduring history, the land has been occupied by the Venetians, Hungarians, Serbians, and the French, among other groups. The city would eventually go on to become part of Yugoslavia and in 2006, the city would gain its independence.

Things to do in Kotor Montenegro


There are many activities to participate in and places to go when visiting the city while either taking a day trip or if you wish to have a nice, charming, romantic night out on the town. Adventures like taking a tour of the Bay of Kotor is highly encouraged, as it offers sightseers the luxury of witnessing the majesty and the natural beauty of big mountains, and extraordinary landscapes.

Taking a day trip and travelling to the mountains is sure to be a hiker enthusiast’s dream, as there are many trails throughout the entire country of Montenegro. The favourable terrain is also appealing to those who like to ride mountain bikes.

Castle of San Giovanni

Another awesome place people can go to enjoy a thrilling hiking experience is at the Castle of San Giovanni. The Castle of San Giovanni makes for quite a riveting and appealing trek. Once you have made it to the top of the fortress, the visitor is treated to the spectacular and remarkable views of the old town, the harbour, the newer town, and limestone hills. Experiencing the Castle of San Giovanni would make for a great day trip activity.

City Walls

A place that also offers a worthwhile hiking experience is at a place called City Walls. City Walls is a trail that features a chapel on the way to the top of the trail, where you can stop and capture very nice views. Once you have made it to the summit, the views and scenery there are also splendid and breathtakingly gorgeous.

The River Tara

The old town offers many activities regarding water-based adventures, such as swimming, kayaking, water skiing, and cruising, among other activities. One such place to go to is the River Tara. The River Tara is a place where you can pass waterfalls and forests while white water rafting down the Tara River, making for an unforgettable sightseeing adventure. At River Tara, you are even afforded the option to participate in cliff-jumps.

Restaurant Tanjga

When regarding the food of the city, people who would like to enjoy a great meal mixed with a relaxed, refreshing atmosphere blended with a friendly vibe, a restaurant one should do themselves a favor and visit is a restaurant called the Tanjga. The Tanjga restaurant is a family-owned restaurant and is known for its deft assortment of meat dishes while also offering a plethora of other great foods, like salads and other vegetables. The Tanjga is a very popular and trendy attraction amongst tourists.

Restaurant Cesarica

Visitors can also be treated to a great dinner at a restaurant called Cesarica. Cesarica specializes in seafood, and you could enjoy a hearty platter of seafood pasta and squid ink seafood risotto. There are so many other different varieties of places where you can eat a plethora of different kinds of foods in the general area, such as places like Konoba Bonaca, Konoba Scala Santa, and the Ladovina Kitchen and Wine Bar.

If you have an affinity and a taste for the southern European style of coffee or pastry, among many places to visit in the city are places like Mon Ami, O’ clock Coffee, and Siempre. All of these places give the guest the chance to become involved and connected with the unique and enchanting styles of life in Kotor, which are compelling parts of the history and ambiance that is the Old City and Montenegro.

Kotor City Walls

Saint Luka’s Church

Within the walls of the city are many ancient churches and ruins that lie in the limits and confines of the town square, and they are full of beautiful architecture. People who are looking to explore and to have a look at another layer of the noble heritage of this city and witness another amazing aspect of its aurora, one should visit Saint Luka’s Church. Saint Luka’s Church is among the city’s most famous churches and was built in 1915.

Other churches that are highly recommended to visit are the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon and Saint Nicholas Church. Those who have a fascination in churches and have an interest in churches should visit these places of worship, for it is sure to be quite the journey.

Cat Museum

Another interesting activity to do is to visit the Cat Museum, which is located in the center of the city. The area is famous for its abundance of cats and its affinity for them, as cats are held in very high regard there, and have a deep and distinctive history within the culture. If you happen to have a love for cats, the Cats Museum makes for a great experience.

In addition to the Cats Museum, the city also features a museum called the Maritime Museum. At the Maritime Museum, you can enjoy paintings and model boats, along with other artifacts. The museum also features exhibits that relate to the nautical history of the city. An avid history buff would absolutely love this museum.

Old City

Old City is a city that is surrounded by walls and represents the definition of the classic, quintessential, medieval city. With so many wonderful, exciting, once in a lifetime experiences and adventures awaiting, this is an excellent place to explore, sightsee, and tour.

The architectural marvel of land has great archeological and historical value, along with prestige and bright heritage. The city is also a popular destination for tourists, and its ancient walls and monuments are recognized as a preserved World Heritage Site.

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