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Scooter Rental Kotor
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Montenegro is a beautiful country that sits on the Balkan Sea along the Adriatic Coast in southeast Europe. One of the most beautiful cities that is available to explore within Montenegro is Kotor, and this town is full of historical sites and coastal areas alike. This town has well-preserved medieval sites throughout and an Old Town area so there is so much to explore. It almost feels as if you are stepping into a fairy tale town, and what better way to explore than by scooters.

What is Included in a Rental?

Scooter Rental KotorAs mentioned one of the best ways to explore Kotor, Montenegro is via some scooters. You can rent a moped scooter that will guarantee to give you the most beautiful scenery of the whole city. You can visit the beautiful city scenery, going over the stone streets and seeing the historical sites first hand. Ride the scooters along the sea as well to feel the breeze of the Baltics in your hair.

How to Make a Reservation

Making a reservation for a scooter rental in Montenegro is extremely easy to do, as you just have to make an initial contact to reserve your scooters for the day. Send an email, fill out the online booking form, or call the office in order to reserve your scooter. You can obtain your scooters from the office, taking it where you want to go straight from the office location. You can also have the scooters delivered to your location if you do not have a vehicle or way to get your scooters. This is a great way to obtain the scooters and shows a commitment to customer care.

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Where to Go

There has been a significant mention of the many sites that should be visited in Kotor, Montenegro. You may want to know about some of these exact locations, however, for yourself. Be sure to stop by Old Town first to see sites that date back to the Roman Empire. In Old Town, you will also find Main Square and the Clock Tower. Stop in some of the stone churches as you drive among the cobblestone roads including the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon and the Church of Saint Nicholas. You can also see the Old City Walls throughout the city, leading to the beachside.

Final Thoughts

This town in Montenegro is truly a beautiful town with options for everyone to explore. Whether you just want to enjoy the coast or history, you will find it here. One of the best ways to see all of the sites though is via scooters, so be sure to make that initial contact to reserve your rental for the day.

Kotor Scooter Rental Companies

Unfortunately, we couldn't find any rental companies in Kotor, but there are several scooter rental companies in and around Kotor, below a list of rental companies
Check their website Phone number: +382 69 770 303

Queen Rent a Car (also scooters)
Check their website Phone number: + 382 67 172 501

Rent a Scooter Montenegro Phone number: +382 68 201 095
Check their page on Facebook

If you know of any other scooter rental companies, please let us know so we can list them here. Thank you!


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