International Schools in Montenegro

Montenegro International Schools
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Montenegro is among the youngest nation-states in Europe, which gained its independence in 2008 from Serbia. The nation is rapidly growing both economically and educationally. It already has several international school offering the UK, International Baccalaureate and the US curriculum. This state has a beautiful, calm and conducive environment for learning.

International schools in Montenegro
Arcadia Academy
Knightsbridge schools international
Quality schools international
United kids international (UKIM)
Adriatic college

Most of the schools are coeducational day schools, although there are some offering boarding services to teens. You need to take your kid to one of these best schools for them to experience the best Education. The following are some of the best international schools with an advanced curriculum for the kids' Education.

1. Arcadia Academy

British International School Arcadia Academy
The academy is the first to be accredited for Cambridge international examinations and to be a member of the British international schools in Montenegro. The school has the British curriculum for both boys and girls aged between 3-18 years. The Montenegrin Ministry approves the preschool of Education. The Cambridge academic program is divided into different levels which include:

  • Cambridge Preschool. The kids are introduced to school life to learn art, personal experience, social development and phonetic skills.
  • Cambridge primary. Kids are mainly taught English, Mathematics and Science, although the school carefully follows the British curriculum.
  • Cambridge secondary 1 At this level, you will learn advanced mathematics, science and English subjects.
  • Cambridge secondary 2 This level is for teens between 14-16 years who learn IGCSE subjects.
  • Cambridge international A levels. Students specialize in one of the 55 subjects available.

The British curriculum is recommended by most of the leading universities in the world like Oxford and Cambridge University.

Contact details:

Address : Ljesevici bb, Kotor 85330, Montenegro
Phone : +382 32 662 662
Website :

Location Google maps: Located next to Tivat Airport, 3 minutes from Tivat airport


2. Knightsbridge schools international

Knightsbridge Schools International Montenegro
The school admits both girls and boys aged between 3-18 years old. It is the only international Baccalaureate school in the nation, offering both day and boarding services to students. The school has been operational since 2010 and the Montenegrin Ministry of Education fully licenses it. It has other centers based in the UK, Columbia, Portugal and Panama. You can enroll at any time during the year.

After application, it will take you at least two weeks before you are called for an interview. The International Baccalaureate curriculum is different from other curriculums for students' success and equipping them with a better future. The curriculum has the following programs:

  • Primary years Program
  • Middle years Program
  • Diploma years program

These programs are highly marketable in the leading universities across the globe and make the students better people in the community. The IB curriculum has English as the primary language, although it's also offered in French and German languages to provide diversity.

Contact details:

Address : Seljanovo b.b., Porto Montenegro, Tivat 85320, Montenegro
Phone : +382 32 672 655
Website :

Location Google maps:  8 minutes from Tivat airport


3. Quality schools international

Quality Schools International Montenegro
This is one of the quality schools international across the globe. The age bracket for their students is between 3-18 years for both girls and boys. The school is accredited by the Ministry of Education. The leading universities in the world recognize their programs. They even quality virtual schools for the distant learning students. The curriculum is in the following levels:

  • Elementary course offerings. The courses are mostly taught to pupils between 5-13 years of age. The courses may be modified according to the local needs and requirements for each school.
  • Secondary course offerings. At this level the courses are taught at advanced levels.

Contact details:

Address : bb Ljubljanska, Podgorica 81000, Montenegro
Phone : +382 20 641 734
Website :

Location Google maps: 


4. United kids international (UKIM)

United Kids International (UKIM) Montenegro
The school teaches both girls and boys between the ages of 2-14years. The Montenegrin Ministry of Education fully licenses it. The courses are offered in the English language for preschool, primary and also secondary Education.

The school was founded in the year 2016 by a parent who felt a need for kids to have quality and affordable Education. It has the middle school curriculum and the primary school curriculum. It is one of the best schools to learn the English language in Podgorica.

Contact details:

Address : 3 Kotorska, Podgorica, Montenegro
Phone : +382 69 010 799
Website :

Location Google maps:


5. Adriatic college

Adriatic College Budva MontenegroAdriatic college was founded back in 2014. It has kids from more than 10 countries. The school aims to provide quality education to both local and international pupils. The age bracket for the kids is between 3-17 years. Admissions to the school are carried out throughout the year.

The school curriculum uses information technology and methodological works to meet European education standards. The curriculum it uses has both Russian and Montenegrin programs. In fact, the school has designed these programs to improve the quality of education offered.

Contact details:

Address : 13, Rozino, Budva, Montenegro
Phone : +382 69 324 101
Website :

Location Google maps:


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