Top 10 Best and Most Beautiful Beaches in Montenegro

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Beautiful Beaches in Montenegro

Montenegro sounds so romantic, and when you read about its picturesque towns and idyllic beaches along the Adriatic Sea, Montenegro will be a vacation destination you must put on your bucket list. Montenegro resides in the west-central Balkans and at the southern end of the Dinaric Alps. The Adriatic coastline borders the country in the southwest, and the best beaches in the world along the Adriatic Sea are described as having the perfect Mediterranean climate. Mediterranean weather of dry, warm summers makes for ideal beachcombing along the Adriatic Sea, for swimming in the warm waters, and playing on the sandy beaches. Take time to visit all of these ten most popular beach destinations on your beach vacation or, if your time is limited in Montenegro, just try one on a day trip.


Top 10 Best Beaches in Montenegro
1. Jaz, Budva
2. Velika Plaza and Ada Bojana, Ulcinj
3. Mogren, Budva
4. Ploce
5. Trsteno
6. Kamenovo Beach
7. Buljarica Beach, Petrovac
8. Sveti Stefan Beach
9. Plavi Horizonti
10. Drobny Pijesak

#1: Jaz, Budva

Jaz Bduva Beach Montenegro

Jaz, Budva is a camper's delight. Nestled under hills and shaded by trees, Jaz Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the area and is surrounded by thick, untouched vegetation. The beach itself is covered with small pebbles, which make it less messy than sand, but when you walk into the clear blue water, you find soft sand that crunches between your toes. Because the beach is long, it feels less crowded than other beaches in Montenegro.


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#2: Velika Plaza and Ada Bojana, Ulcinj

Velika PLaza Beack Ulcinj Montenegro

Velika Plaza and Ada Bojana, Ulcinj have incredible dark sands that are purported to have healing powers. Writers, actors, and bohemians come to Velika to feel the beach's sense of serenity and peace. The water is quite shallow here, so it can be challenging to swim, but little kids love the warm waters, and (kite)surfers come here for adventure. Enjoy a romantic sunset at the beach? Whatever you do, don't miss the fabulous sunsets that are spectacular on this best beach.
Take time out to visit Ada Bojana, just adjacent to Velika. This beach is a nudist's happy place and located along Paradise Island. Surfers will be happy to know that Ada Bojana is known for its fresh winds that merge with the hot summer air, and the area is one of the best surfing areas in Montenegro. Ada Bojana is different from the rest of Montenegro's beaches – it is bordered on two sides by the Bojana River. Don't worry – if you are not a naturist and a bit more modest, there are restaurants at the northern end of the beach.




#3: Mogren, Budva

Mogren Budva Beach Montenegro

Mogren, Budva is two beaches that you visit via a tunnel. The beaches have high environmental standards, and the locals celebrate the water as naturally pure. Take the steep walk down from Old Town Budva to the beaches to see the views of the old town and the endless horizon. The beach is somewhat secluded, and the pebbles on its beach are unusual. Limestone cliffs surround the beach and more adventurous tourists try their skills at hiking up the cliffs. Do note that Mogren Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Montenegro and maybe a bit crowded, especially in the high season.




#4: Ploce

Ploce Beach Montenegro

Ploce is a beach with a tremendous number of upgrades. Four pools are filled with warm, blue seawater daily, cabins for showering, restaurants, cafes, and rescue services are available. Trained masseuses wonder about the beach, and there are tons of activities for families with children. The best part? You can see through the water to the bottom of the beach and find shells and pebbles of all colors and shapes.





#5: Trsteno

Trstene Beach Montenegro

Trsteno is an informal sandy beach that not attached to civilization, but it is easy to access. It is perfect if you have small children since there is a good area of turquoise and shallow waters, and a pale white sand beach that glorious. Take advantage of the restaurant, sunbeds, and plenty of parking, but get there early since crowds can be a problem in this small portion of heaven.





#6: Kamenovo Beach

Kamenovo Beach Montenegro

Kamenovo Beach is reached either by road or a pedestrian walkway that travels through a tunnel. The golden sand beach accents the turquoise colored water. Kamenovo is unique because the angle of the sun above this beach can change the water color from turquoise to azure. Watching the shift in colors is spectacular. Make your holiday perfect by taking advantage of the daily parties and numerous restaurants along the beach. Younger people love this beach, but those who are older will find a great deal of love here, too. Look for the wild botanical garden that is left over from a derelict socialist era workers resort and watch the yachts moor off the shore.




#7: Buljarica Beach, Petrovac

Buljarica Beach Montenegro

Buljarica Beach, Petrovac is one of the most extensive beaches on Montenegro's coast and is one of the last of the untouched beaches in the country, locals call it the paradise beach. Pebbles cover the majority of the beach, but the middle part of the beach is fine sand. There are restaurants and boat rental shops on the seaside of Bulijarica Beach. If you want peace, untouched by civilization, and a good quality beach experience, Buljarica Beach would be a perfect choice.





#8: Sveti Stefan Beach

Sveti Stefan Beach Montenegro

Sveti Stefan Beach is an amazing beach and leisure spot. The settings are picturesque and unique, and outstanding facilities label Sveti Stefan Beach as one of the best beaches in Montenegro. The resort's guests enjoy the entire beach, and others can go swimming and sunbathing at the southern part. The beach is made up of pinkish sand and dipping into the turquoise waters is perfect.





#9: Plavi Horizonti

Plavi Horizonti Beach Montenegro

Plavi Horizonti is situated on the Lustica peninsula, which forms a natural cove for the sandy beach and is considered one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Montenegro. The beach is sheltered from the winds and has a seafloor that dips only slightly. Along the beach are rocky pools filled with sun-warmed water. The beach is extraordinarily safe, and swimmers can frolic among the vibrant marine life. There are many opportunities for snorkeling and scuba diving at Plavi Horizonti; just be careful to come up for air.




#10: Drobny Pijesak

Drobny Pijesak Beach Montenegro

Drobny Pijesak is considered one of the most spectacular beaches you can find in Montenegro. The small beach is situated in a cosy cove and has soft white sand beaches. The color of the seas is indescribable, deep, and blue. Drobny Pijesak is a serene getaway for those who want seclusion and views of untouched nature. The clear water offers enjoyable water sports. Take a hike down the steep trail from the main road before diving into the Adriatic Sea from the mooring dock.
Travel guides call Montenegro the "Pearl of the Mediterranean," and these guides take you on beautiful trips to breathtaking stunning sights of ancient towns along the beaches. Montenegro is one of Europe's best-kept secrets and is the perfect place for those seeking tranquillity, peace, adventure, or glorious beaches. The country's coast is only 100km, yet some of the most staggering scenery along the Mediterranean coast is in Montenegro.
For those who are wary of travelling in Eastern Europe, Montenegro has a reputation for being both safe and friendly. Montenegro is a conservative country, yet naturism is a growing pastime. Do note the rules on each beach before you sunbath topless or walk around unclothed.




There you go, Montenegro without a doubt one of the best destinations for the tourist looking for a beautiful beach with wide stretches of white sands where he/she can go to relax alone, with friends or with the family. If you have any additional information on one of the beaches mentioned, please let us know!





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