Beaches in and around Ulcinj

Beaches in Ulcinj
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The people of Ulcinj, Montenegro, have been blessed with one of the most picturesque coasts in the entire country. The Ulcinj coastline is a popular tourist destination that offers a wide array of activities for people of all ages. From beautiful beaches to vibrant nightlife, explore the list of some of the best beaches in Ulcinj Montenegro to take a break from city life.

1. Small Beach Ulcinj

Small Beach UlcinjThis beach is located in the small town of Ulcinj, which is located on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro. It has fine white sand and clear water, and you will find many facilities for water sports here such as sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, etc. Also, many cafes and restaurants next to this beach offer fresh seafood dishes made by local fishermen.


2. Velika Plaža Beach (Long Beach)

Velika Plaža Beach Long BeachThis is one of the most popular beaches in Montenegro, also known as the Kopakabana of Ulcinj. It is located five kilometers from Ulcinj and 13 kilometers long. The beach is covered with fine sand and has a capacity of about 15000 people. Also, if you are suffering from illnesses such as rheumatism, this is the beach to visit. The fine sand here contains some medicinal features that may help you with your condition.

The beach also provides water sports such as snorkelling and diving, among others on its waters. People also enjoy playing handball, football, volleyball, and baseball games from the hotel complex. Also, you can swim to get away from the noisy crowd that comes to this place during the summer season.

This is the season when it's very crowded with tourists from all over the world who come to enjoy their vacation. In addition, you will love the eye-catching view of the Mediterranean, decorating, and subtropical plants. If you love fishing, the beach has several wooden keels known as the kalimera, where you can fish traditionally.

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3. Miami Beach 

ulcinj miami beachIf you are looking for a beach with a shallow bottom convenient for your children, this is the best place to visit. You can enjoy swimming here and have fun with your family or friends. Also, you can play water sports such as snorkeling and diving if you are in good health. If you are not sure about your physical condition, it's better to leave it for another time when you feel better.

The beach holds about 2500 people, is 360 meters long, and is located beneath the Old Town. It also has high-quality fine sand with a dark green-blue water view.

Within the beachs' background are world-class restaurants, cafes, and beer bars. Additionally, towards the inside part of Miami beach is Ulcinj town. Some of the facilities in these restaurants include free parking, a sauna, free Wi-Fi, massage, wake-up, and car hire facilities.

4. Zenska Plaža Beach (Ladies Beach)

Zenska Plaža Beach - Ladies BeachYou can easily access this beach via the coastal road. In addition, Zenska plaža beach has two sections with rugged mountains separating them. While the beach is one of the busiest beaches, it offers an excellent and beautiful seascape photo experience. The sparkling clear ocean also offers pretty sheltered coves where you can stretch and unwind.

Also, there is a tunnel connecting the sandy stretches. So, if you are an adventure lover, you will enjoy hikes, a brush, and crazy jumps with an adrenaline rush. The beach is surrounded by top restaurants where you can enjoy a bite during your vacation.

5. Ada Bojana Peninsula

The beach is located at the farthest end, where the Ada Bojana River empties into the Adriatic. It is also considered a natural reservation. It is a white sand beach with a capacity of about 1300 people and 2880 meters long. In addition, the beach parasols are made of rods and reeds. If you are looking for a beach with a beautiful sunset view, the Ada Bojana beach is your place.

It also provides an excellent experience for beach riding, sailing, windsurfing, and water-skiing for most adventurers. The wooden houses are one of the many things that make this beach famous. Most locals come here to fish in specific as well as traditional ways.

The beach's restaurants are surrounded by an attractive environment where you can enjoy tasting the fish. Also, you will love the view of some unique plant species, including the Mediterranean and subtropical vegetation.

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