Budva Jet Ski Rental. Enjoy cruising along Jaz beach.

Jet Ski Rental Budva Montenegro
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If you are looking for a great place to enjoy riding a jet ski, you should take a look at the possibilities on offer for enjoying some time in Budva, Montenegro. If you are looking to rent a watercraft and keep up with your skills on the water the thrills and excitement of riding against some of the most amazing beach backdrops to be found in the world.

If you are an experienced jet ski rider or simply looking to give a new watersport a try, you will find riding in Montenegro is an excellent option for you to undertake. On beaches, such as Jaz beach, you can ride across more than 1.2 kilometers of beach locations that have affordable prices for you to rent a jet ski that could be a two or three-seater depending on the number of people you are travelling with. There are many beach rental locations across the beaches of the region with some having at least five jet skis available to make sure you can have some water fun throughout each day of your vacation.

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What you may find when you make your way to the beaches of Budva is a cost of between 90 and 120 Euros for an hour that may seem like an expensive part of your vacation. However, you must take into account the fact you are using an expensive and enjoyable piece of machinery that uses expensive fuel and the fact this only adds to the luxurious nature of your vacation in Budva, Montenegro.
Budva Jet Ski Rental
Beaches like Slovenska Plaza Beach are impressive and allow you to combine luxury with fun times and the watersports you have come to love at home and on your travels. Watersports are a part of the overall Montenegro experience that you should enjoy whenever you make your way to the country for business or a vacation. Taking to the waves for some fun and exciting times that are safe with the emergency cut-off precautions you will discuss when you are completing your rental. One of the tips you will be told about when you set out to rent is to attach the key to your wrist to allow the machinery to cut-off should you fall off when you are having such fun on the ocean waves.

What you should remember is you cannot enter the beach area when you are riding or the police beach patrol could give you a fine. However, you will find the police and the local people will give you some advice about how you should conduct yourself while having fun times and taking some exciting memories home with you. A rental is a great way of seeing the beaches of Montenegro in a different way with your time on vacation one you will remember for years to come.

Jet Ski Rental Company

There are several companies on the Budva beaches where you can rent a jet ski, unfortunately not easy to find on the internet.


Budva Jet Ski Rental Companies
JET SKI CLUB YAMAHA/Budva +382 68 643 663 Google Maps
Parasailing - JetSki - Wake surf center +382 69 022 436 Google Maps
Watersport Centar Bečić +382 69 664 554 Google Maps
Watersport Centar JAZ +382 68 557 777 Google Maps

If you know of any other jet ski rental companies, please let us know so we can list them here. Thank you!

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