Best things to do in Budva, Montenegro

Best Things to do in Budva Montenegro
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If your mind is on a beach town holiday, which has a little more to offer besides the beach, then Budva city should rank tops on your list. Located in central Montenegrin, this coastal city is the most popular tourist destination in Southern Montenegro, and is often referred to as the "Montenegrin Miami". It is mainly popular for its sandy beach, but there is so much more to explore in Budva. The city is one of the oldest settlements of the Adriatic coast and is more than 2,500 years old, with a long and complicated history. Montenegro coast has a Mediterranean climate, with summer temperatures averaging at 27° C, which together with the many beaches, make it the epicenter of tourism. The official language spoken here is Montenegrin.

When you visit Budva, enjoy your time on the sunbed, but also take time and explore the rest of the city as it is rich in cultural and historical attractions. In this article, we will go through some of the things you must do in Budva, and give you a head start so you travel prepared.

6 Must-do things in Budva, Montenegro

1. Sunbathe, swim, and party on the perfect beach

The beach in Budva is glorious, and if you made your travel plans over summer, this should be your first stop! The pebble-sandy beaches are around 20 in number and are a couple of kilometers long. They always have sunbeds and umbrellas and everything else you need by the seaside, and you can spend your entire day just soaking up on the beach. The sunset by the beach is breathtaking, you will get lost in it. It is a fact that most people know that once you come to Budva, you must go to the beach, with the top four being Morgen beach, Jaz beach, Becici beach, and Slovenska beach.

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2. Enjoy the Nightlife

When the sun finally goes down, the sea sidebars come alive. If your travel plans happen to coincide with the Sea Dance Festival, then Jaz beach would be a perfect stop at night. The Sea Dance Festival is an annual event that is becoming the trademark of Montenegro in general, as it is attended by world-famous DJs that attract big numbers of visitors. Considered a party capital in Montenegro, Budva has popular party spots that are mostly located on the promenade or in Old Town. Should you be looking for live DJ clubs, cozy pubs with amazing beer, or in the mood for some wild beach party, you will find it all here. If you love clubbing, you will enjoy these clubs: Trocadero, Club Paris, Top Hill, Emporio club. But if you need some casual experience or tranquility, then these are the nightspots for you: the Casper bar, Prince Pub, and The Old Fisherman’s Pub.

Budva Water Aqua Park

3. Visit the Aqua Park

Budva has one of the biggest Aqua Parks in Adriatic that sits in Toplis Hill overlooking the town. The park measures more than 40,000m2 and is fun for all ages, with over 50 water attractions and seven different slides. This is the place to head out to if you are looking for some refreshing summer fun and thrill, as great fun is guaranteed here.

4. Explore the Old Town of Budva- Stari Grad

This is a historic part of the town, that is enclosed with fortified walls that were built by Venetians to ward off historic visitors in the days of the Ottoman Empire. There was an earthquake attack in 979 that wrought huge destruction to the old buildings here, but they have since been restored. As a result, some of the buildings may appear new. However, the style and picturesque location of the town has been preserved, and Stari Grad is still the absolute star of all attractions in Budva. The streets are narrow and the buildings reasonably tall, which offer some much needed cool and shade in the afternoons as people walk along the walls. Most of the architecture therein gives you a "Little Italy" feel. Within the walls, there are some notable old churches like St Ivan that was built in the 7th century and St Mary's of Punta from the 9th century. In the center of Stari Grad are: The Museum of the Town of Budva, that exhibits ethnographic and archaeological collections that date from as way back as the 5th century. Modern Gallery of Budva, a gallery for artworks from Montenegrin, Yugoslavia, and European artists. There is a collection called Modern Expressionists, which is said to be the most valuable exhibition. The Maritime Museum of Budva, located within Budva Citadel, which contains a vast amount of books, maps, and ship models.

5. Enjoy Some Outdoor Adventure

Budva has a wide range of outdoor activities that you will enjoy. It could be diving, rafting, cycling, bungee jumping, zip-lining, kayaking, or paragliding. Whatever you crave, go do it and quench your adventure thirst. There are many tour operators in town to offer you various excursions. There is a seaside promenade with amazing views connecting the town to Sveti Stefan that you can enjoy a stroll on. Along the way, there are romantic seaside restaurants, coffee cafes, beautiful sunset views, and dozens of swimming spots. You can go off track to the Krapina Village and enjoy a dip under the waterfall, or even ride the zip line. You can also head out into the water in search of an alternative beach, and enjoy the region’s gorgeous nature while at it. You can also choose to go up the Brajici hills to enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the coast, or spiral down from the Brajici hills above Budva and towards the coast if you are a paraglider. For the lovers of water sports, a kayak or SUP would be a great way of exploring Budva’s coast and caves that are not possible to reach from the sea. You can choose to explore by yourself or do so with a guide. There are also many canyons in Budva where anyone above 12 years of age can engage in.

6. Escape to Sveti Nikola IslandSveti Nikola Island near Budva Montenegro

Should you choose to run away from the crowded beach and leave the noise of the city behind, Sveti Nikola island, commonly referred to as "Budva Hawaii" would be the perfect stop. On the island, there sits Saint Nicholas (Sveti Nikola) church, from which the island is named. The island is 2km long and is overgrown with Mediterranean vegetation. It is home to three large sandy beach, and a couple of smaller ones too. There is a restaurant, a harbor, restrooms, and a concrete waterfront on the island, and deer as the permanent inhabitants. If you crave a quiet day on the beach, head out to the island, which is only a kilometer away from Budva waterfront.


Budva, Montenegro offers you everything from peace and quiet to wild parties and adrenaline thrills. Here, there is something for everyone. Plan that tour and visit Budva, and be guaranteed to enjoy every bit of it.

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