A Visit to Kotor Old Town in Montenegro

Kotor Old Town
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People who visit Montenegro for leisure often gravitate to a place that's called Kotor. Kotor Old Town is a lot like it sounds. It's a place that's basically brimming with history and culture. Kotor is in a quiet section of the famed Gulf of Kotor. The old town has the distinction of being Kotor's most well-known spot. People who visit it can revel in all of the things that make Kotor so distinctive and memorable. They can revel in its many historic landmarks. It's basically chock-full of medieval architectural structures. People who want to catch glimpses of museums, palaces, cathedrals and churches of all kinds are sure to have the times of their lives in Kotor.

A Bit of Kotor Background

People who are curious about visiting Kotor should first brush up a bit on the city's historic background. It's a port on the Mediterranean Sea that has been around for a long while. It's a Bay of Kotor destination that is encompassed by fortifications that were constructed all the way back during Venetian times. That means that these forts have been around for hundreds and hundreds of years.

Kotor has gotten a tourism boost in recent times. It's actually started seeing many more visitors since the beginning of the brand new millennium. The majority of the visitors who head to Kotor do so via cruise ships.

Experiencing All of the Marvels of the Old Town

There are so many things that make the old town in Kotor so notable. It's chock-full of attractive gates. It's chock-full of palaces that used to be the residences of families that had lots of money. Stairs are practically everywhere in the old town as well. People who go to Kotor often cannot resist checking out the city bulwarks. They're fully preserved and can be fascinating to people who want to be able to take in bona fide European fortification architecture. Building work on these bulwarks commenced all the way back at the start of ninth century. Builders adjusted them for many centuries after that as well. They're equipped with three doors in total. People used them to access the town for lengthy stretches of time.

People who go to Kotor are often drawn to the magnificence of the Square of the Arms. It's called "Trg od Orujza." It has long been a hotspot for people in the area who want to get together, and quite understandably.

There are so many exciting cultural landmarks scattered all throughout the old town. People can check out the Cathedral of Sveti Tripun. They can take a look at Tower Watch. They can head to the Church of Sveta Marija, the Prince's Palace, the Church of Sveti Luka, Napoleon's Theater and even the Church of the Lady of Health. There are also a plenitude of palaces accessible to people who appreciate opulence. People can gaze at the charms of Grgurin, Pima, Buca and, last but definitely not least, Bizanti. Grgurin now has the distinction of being a museum that concentrates on maritime topics of all sorts.

People who don't have much time to hang out in the old town may want to take note of its biggest draws among the tourist crowd. The Church of Sveti Luka or "St. Luke's Church" is a Romanesque structure that has been around since all the way back in the 1100s. St. Tryphon's Cathedral's namesake was the city's patron saint. St. John's Fortress is a powerhouse among folks who want to learn about the region's military background. It offers stunning vistas of the region, too. Pima is a palace that is housed inside of a Renaissance structure that has been a staple since the 1600s. The Maritime Museum showcases all sorts of naval relics.

The old town can be a haven for people who want to relish history and culture for a while. It can be just as exciting for visitors who are fans of retail therapy. That's because it has quite a few boutiques to its credit. People can easily purchase all sorts of souvenirs that highlight all of the things that make Kotor so unforgettable. Beyond that, they can take full advantage of quite a few designer shops. These shops cover designers who hail from all different parts of the planet. Visitors can purchase high-end apparel pieces, footwear, handbags, jewellery items and more. There are many beauty salons, pizzerias, coffeehouses, antique stores, bookstores and beyond.

Eating in Kotor

Dining well in Kotor is in no sense a chore. That's because it features so many thrilling and delicious choices in dining establishments. It's a paradise for people who want to test out old-fashioned specialities from the area. It's just as big a paradise for people who want to relish the wonders of Mediterranean fare that's 110 percent authentic. Restaurant Galion is an example of a favorite in the dining realm in Kotor. It gives diners the chance to relish sea vistas. Visitors can nosh on everything from octopus risotto to shrimp spaghetti.

Other widely known restaurants that are easily accessible to visitors to the old town in Kotor are Cesarica, Konoba Scala Santa and even Luna Rossa. Fans of fresh seafood dishes are often unable to turn away from the meal options in Kotor.

Lodging Choices in Kotor

There are numerous hotels on hand to guests of the old town. People who visit the old town do not have to worry for a second about resting their heads cozily and without stress. These accommodations aren't only suitable for people who have tons of money to spare, either. Old town Kotor is in many ways a mix of stunning hotels and rather budget-friendly hostels. The Hostel Old Town Kotor is situated within a stone structure that has been around since back in the 1200s. It's just a couple of minutes away from the stunning cathedral for people who are willing to walk. It's not far at all from the fortress, either. This hostel makes it simple for guests to head to all kinds of historic destinations.

Hotel Cattaro is another staple among people who visit the old town and Kotor in general. It has toasty guest rooms that are ideal for visitors to the city who simply want to decompress and take things slowly for a while. The hotel is equipped with a couple of on-site dining establishments for hungry guests. It has a contemporary fitness center and a laid-back pub. It even blows visitors away with its majestic sea vistas.

The Boutique Hotel Astoria is a sophisticated hotel that's part of a palace that was constructed back in the 1200s. The Boutique Hotel Astoria features a streamlined and cool on-site dining establishment. It features a soothing vibe that's conducive to pure serenity for everyone. It even has complimentary breakfast accessible to guests who want to replenish their bodies without having to spend a dime in the A.M. hours.

Hotel Vardar, finally, is a high-end option for people who want to enjoy themselves in the old town. It has chic and polished guest rooms to its credit. Other highlights of the Hotel Vardar are a sauna, a Turkish bath, a terrace and even an eatery that's known for mouthwatering dishes. Getting pleasant sleep at night is in no sense a challenge for people who stay at hotels in the old town.

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