Dubrovnik Old Town Croatia - An incredible Place To Visit

Croatia Dubrovnik Old Town
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Dubrovnik Old Town Croatia

One of the most magnificent walled cities you will ever see is Dubrovnik Old Town, Croatia which is on the Unesco world heritage site. The former capital of the Republic of Ragusa overlooks the shimmering blue waters of the Adriatic sea. The Old Town of Dubrovnik is filled with beautiful Baroque churches and aristocratic palazzi. The city is surrounded by medieval fortifications. You can easily lose yourself in the classy seafood restaurants, wine bars and five-star hotels. The rock and pebble coast is sensational with sandy beaches, sea kayaking and scuba diving.

The most amazing beaches are found on the Lapad peninsular. You only need to head two miles west of the town to bask in the sun and waters. Take a taxi boat from the harbor in the Old Town to reach the botanical gardens. A Gruz port ferry will whisk you away to the Elaphiti Islands with air sweet with pine. Inside the main square are the astronomical clock tower, an Onofrio fountain and a statue of Marin Drzic, a playwright from the Shakespeare era.

You can reach the Old Town from Dubrovnik Airport which just about 30 minutes car ride from the Old Town. The main bus station is located about 3,5km from the Old Town Dubrovnik which would take about 45 minutes to walk, so we suggest to take a taxi instead. 

The Dubrovnik Cathedral

Richard the Lionheart is believed to have funded this church. During the 1190s, he was shipwrecked on Lokrum. The main attraction of the church is the treasury containing a collection of holy relics. Casings encrusted with jewels contain patron St. Blaise's skull, lower leg and arm. Inside of another box is wood from the Holy Cross. The crucifix was beautifully crafted during the sixteenth century. The gift bestowed upon Matya Corvinus the Hungarian King is also in this remarkable yet creepy treasury.

Sponza Palace

This is a beautiful former Ragusa mint and customs house from the sixteenth century. This is where the state archives are kept. Photocopies of the most treasured documents in history are located in a few rooms off the arcaded courtyard on the ground floor. The Dubrovnik Defenders have a Memorial Room right by the ticket office. You will discover exhibits with portraits of the 300 civilians and defenders who died at the siege in addition to the remains of the Croatian flag originally from Mount Srd.

Lokrum Islet

Escape to the Lokrum islet for cacti, palms, pines and a rocky shore. The abandoned Benedictine Monastery from the eleventh century is always worth a look. Climb to the top of Fort Royal for a breathtaking panoramic view. If you visit in the summer, you can take a taxi boat right from the old harbour.

Croatia Dubrovnik Old Town Clock Tower

Bard Bar

This open-air bar has been cut right into the rocks facing the sea. Drinkers, sunbathers, film fans and divers are all welcome here. The entrance faces the Konoba Ekvinocijo terrace. You will see the Topless Nudist daubed on the wall. Walk down the stone staircase to reach metal steps leading to the sea and bar tables. You can also watch films at the Bard Bar.

The Gunduliceva Poljana Market

This historic market is right by the Old city cathedral. The market fills with crowds looking at the fresh fruits and vegetables. On Saturday you will find cheese and oils. You have to come early because around noon the vendors leave to restock for the next day. This is a nice market and a great tradition on the weekends.

The City Walls of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik City Walls Old Town

The most popular attraction of the ancient city is walking around the fortifications. The design and construction are sensational. The promenade is elevated with a history lesson available. The ticket office and main entrance are next to the Pile Gate. You can take a walking tour of the fortifications with a knowledgeable local to appreciate the design and construction of this intricate jewel.

The Rectors Palace

This is the most historic monument in the city. On both sides of the courtyard on the ground floor are the courtrooms and prison of the Ragusa Republic. You will notice the medieval church art display. When you walk upstairs to where the Rectors lived there is a wide variety of items including carriages, the wigs and robes of the magistrates, the carved bookcase of Ivo Rudenjak, sedan chairs and portraits of the locals worth noting.

Some of the clocks are set at a quarter to six. This is in reference to 1806 when Napoleon's troops arrived. Your ticket also grants you entry into the Archeological Collection. Although the collection is small, it is extremely attractive. The medieval carvings collection is located by the Ploce Gate.

The Streets of Dubrovnik

The most popular street in the city is Stradun. Spend an afternoon exploring the cafes, coffee shops, souvenir shops, bars and galleries. There are delightful entertainers performing for the crowds. Walk along the many narrow streets and you will discover historic treasures and hidden gems. 

The Gorgeous Beaches

Dubrovnik Banje Beach

The main beach in the city is Banje Beach. The popularity is due to the closeness of the beach to the city centre. You can rent a sunbed during the day. When the sun goes down, the beach transforms into a nightclub. You will find Copacabana Beach on Lapad Peninsula. This pebble beach is ideal if you have children. You can rent a jet-ski or kayak or enjoy the unique experience of parasailing. Part of the beach has been devoted to the disabled.

Several tiny beaches comprise Lapad Bay. The waterfront beaches include Uvala, the concrete beach of Adriatic and the little sand beach called Vis and Splendid. You can find delicious restaurants and great bars all over the bay.

The Magnificient Nightlife

Dubrovnik offers a wide selection of bars and nightclubs. Do not miss the delicious seafood at the Banje Beach Restaurant. Go back in the evening and you will find a popular cocktail bar. The most unique bar in the city is the Cave Bar More. The bar was actually built inside of a cave. You can enjoy any of the three levels or relax outside next to the sea. If you are interested in parties and live concerts, stop by Club Lazareti. The three floors are the beach floor, terrace and inner. The beach floor offers an incredible view of the city port. Read more about the fantastic Dubrovnik Nightlife or the Top 10 Fun things to do in Dubrovnik

Island hopping

When you have been around the Old Town, you might want to take one of the ferries from the old port and make a day trip to one of the many beautiful islands the Adriatic coast has. Daily there are a large number of day trips you can choose from that will take you to explore the Dalmatian coast!

Where to stay?

So you see you don't have to be bored when you visit Croatia.

If you visit Dubrovnik and plan to book a hotel, in the city center Dubrovnik has many hotels, hostels, from budget hotels to luxury hotels with sea view, but beware that prices in the town are costly, especially in high season and we do suggest to check availability. Another option would be to book a guest house.

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