East Gate Mall in Skopje, North Macedonia

Skopje East Gate Mall in North Macedonia
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Skopje East Gate is the largest shopping mall in North Macedonia, with over 200 stores. The mall opened in 2021 and has been a popular destination ever since. The average number of visitors is estimated to be around 140,000 daily, and the mall welcomes tourists from all over Europe. Visitors are drawn to the variety of offers at Skopje East Gate, including several shops specializing in international brands.

The mall has three floors and underground parking. The first floor includes a total of 12 shops. The second floor comprises 22 shops, and the third boasts 55 stores. Recently, the mall was remodelled and included several new elements, such as an entertainment zone with amusement park rides, a cinema theatre, and an upscale restaurant on the ground floor. The mall also appears to have a good internet connection for non-business users and wireless Internet access (WiFi). Skopje East Gate Mall is located in Skopje's city center (Google Maps), attracting many visitors from all over Europe.

Skopje East Gate Mall address :

Belasitsa 2,
Skopje 1000,
North Macedonia
Google Maps

East Gate Mall Skopje Brands

In East Gate Mall you will find all the major brands like Adidas, Nike, Burger King, KFC, Cosmo and many many more. For a full overview of all the brands, check out their webpage with all the brands you can find in East Gate Mall.


Advantages of shopping at Skopje East Gate Mall in North Macedonia:

1. Location

Shopping at Skopje East Gate Mall in North Macedonia offers several advantages. For one, the mall is located in the heart of Skopje, a popular tourist spot for visitors from Europe and worldwide. That makes it easy to attract customers from various countries and cultures. As a result, stores can target their marketing campaigns at a diverse clientele and market their products to people from different walks of life.

2. Amenities

Another advantage of shopping at this mall is its amenities. The mall has several shops that specialise in international brands. That makes shopping at Skopje East Gate Mall an attractive proposition for tourists and locals. Moreover, the mall offers a private car park with an area of 356 square meters and a parking lot with spaces for around 100 vehicles.

3. Friendly Management

Skopje East Gate MallFurthermore, the management team of this mall appears to be quite friendly and cooperative towards shoppers, who often express their happiness about their shopping experience there. That is because customers are constantly impressed by the care and attention given to them by the Skopje East Gate Mall staff, who appear to be proud of their job and enthusiastic about serving customers' needs.

4. Clean and Spacious

The mall also appears spacious with attractive interior design and clean, well-maintained premises. The management also seems to pay attention to keeping the place as clean as possible, making shopping here a more pleasing experience. As a result, shoppers often express satisfaction with their shopping experience at Skopje East Gate Mall in North Macedonia.

5. Good Internet Access

The mall also has good internet connectivity for visitors who wish to use the internet for other purposes apart from making purchases at the stores there. Most visitors appear impressed by the internet speed, which allows them to access their favorite websites quickly and easily. The management also states that they have installed several computers on their premises to help visitors who wish to access the internet while shopping.

6. Excellent Service

There is also good customer service at Skopje East Gate Mall, which appears to be more than reasonable for visitors from countries such as the UK and Greece. The staff is pleasant and polite, making it easy for them to deal with transactions and customer demands, regardless of what degree of difficulty those may be. That makes shopping at Skopje East Gate Mall a pleasant experience for foreigners from different parts of Europe and locals from Macedonia who come there specifically to buy consumer goods and services.

7. Variety of Products

Skopje East Gate Mall ZaraThe variety of products on offer is considerable. The mall has over 80 stores in total, which include a variety of brands in all categories, from clothes to furniture and electronic devices. Moreover, the mall has restaurants, a post office, a museum, and several other services. That makes it easy for tourists and locals to get anything they need.

8. Modern Elements

The mall also has some modern elements. It features a cinema, an amusement park and several shops, which offer products from around the world. The interior design is quite appealing, and the premises are spacious and clean. That makes shopping here a pleasant experience for tourists from Europe and locals from Skopje who frequent the mall regularly to buy consumer goods such as clothing and electronics.

9. Business Hours

This mall is also open for a limited number of hours, making it well-suited for shoppers who wish to shop during certain times. For example, the mall may be closed on Sundays while remaining open on other days. However, the mall typically remains open from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

10. Convenience and Attractions

Finally, shoppers consider Skopje East Gate Mall convenient and attractive because they can buy consumer goods without leaving the premises or travelling too far away from their homes or hotels in Skopje's city center.

11. Competent Sales Staff – Friendly and Helpful

Skopje East Gate MallAnother advantage to shopping at Skopje East Gate Mall is its competent sales staff, who are knowledgeable and helpful in assisting customers with purchasing decisions.


Services offered at Skopje East Gate Mall in North Macedonia

1. Cinema

Cinema at Skopje East Gate Mall in North Macedonia is a modern place that offers visitors several advantages. They can watch the latest movies and TV series for free, provided they have purchased something from the mall's stores before entering the cinema. The cinema has several auditoriums and offers a large variety of films. Moreover, it is also well-aired, spacious, and comfortable with a good internet connection. However, visitors must buy something at the mall before entering their cinema as tickets to watch a film are not available separately.

2. Restaurants

The mall has restaurants where visitors can eat and order food simultaneously. Moreover, the food is of good quality and tastes tasty for a reasonable price. There are several restaurant areas inside the mall, but it is common for people to sit outside and enjoy their food at small tables that have been placed outside the premises.

3. Post Office and Telephone Boxes

There are also post boxes at Skopje East Gate Mall in North Macedonia, where visitors can deposit their letters, newspaper, or other items. However, they must make sure that they check with the management first before putting their items there, as they might open later than they would typically do everywhere else.

4. Internet Cafes

There are several "internet cafes" at Skopje East Gate Mall in North Macedonia, where visitors can access their favorite websites while shopping. The internet cafes have computers and printers that visitors can use for free if they have purchased them at one of the stores inside the mall.

5. Money Exchange

The mall also offers money exchange services for visitors who need them. It is also common for people to bring cash to exchange them for local currency as there are not many other places to do that in Skopje.

6. Tours

Finally, visitors to the mall often take tours offered by the management. These tours usually begin at the premises and involve visiting sites in Skopje. They allow people to get a good idea of the city and its history, which is helpful for tourists and people who come to Skopje for other reasons, such as business-related visits or holidays.

7. Museum

There is also a museum on-site where visitors can learn about various aspects of Skopje's history, which is helpful for visitors from other parts of Europe and locals from Macedonia who wish to understand their country better.

8. Amusement Park

The mall also has an on-site amusement park, which is open most of the year. However, visitors should visit during summer and spring as it is closed during winter.

9. Shopping Center

Skopje East Gate Mall in North Macedonia is a shopping center where visitors can find a good range of products. It has numerous shops distinct from each other in all categories, including clothing and electronic devices, and art shops where visitors can buy paintings and other works of art for their homes or offices.

Skopje East Gate Mall is a prime example of a modern shopping mall. It is clean and well-maintained and offers a good range of goods for shoppers to choose from. The interior design is appealing, and the premises are spacious, making it easy for tourists and locals to shop without worrying about crowding too much or finding it difficult to manoeuvre. for any help contact: 0900 300 045

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