Fun things to do in the city of Skopje Macedonia

Old City of Skopje Macedonia
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What to do in Skopje Macedonia

Are you planning a trip to Macedonia and then particularly the capital of Macedonia the city of Skopje? And you are wondering what you can do with your time. Maybe you are planning a city trip with friends or maybe you are planning a vacation in Macedonia.

We have found what we think to be the most interesting places to visit and activities to do in the beautiful city of Skopje. So, get yourself a coffee, sit back and let us make the journey to Skopje

Skopje Museums

Memorial House of Mother Teresa Skopje

Museums belong to all of us, and Skopje has some excellent museums, from the rich Macedonian culture to fun museums which you will all enjoy visiting.

From the many museums, Skopje has to offer we will first start off with the ‘Memorial House of Mother Teresa’. Don’t we all know Mother Teresa? The nun born in Skopje that dedicated her life for caring for the ill and poor people in the slums of Calcutta, India. Located near the Macedonia Square you will find the Memorial House, a small but beautiful house with divine architectural designs. In the memorial house, you will learn all about the fascinating life of Mother Teresa, the house is filled with personal belongings and pictures. Inside the gallery area, there's a sculpture of Mother Teresa, numerous articles, exhibits, awards, and books are displayed here.

Holocaust Memorial Centre is another very interesting place to visit, it’s a great place to learn about the history of World War 2 and the events that happened in Macedonia and the rest of the Balkan. Being the saddest and darkest chapter in human history it’s not surprising that some people get emotional when visiting the Holocaust Memorial Centre.

- this is one of the most impactful museums I've stepped foot inside of. -

Museum of Illusions, enter the world where everything is different than you think it is, where your eye’s and brain are deceived. This museum is lots of fun for all ages, but especially the children will love it. The three-floor building is filled with illusions, brain puzzles and more. Are you brave enough to take the elevator that doesn’t have a bottom? The museum is open every day from morning to 8 pm on weekdays and to 9 pm on weekends. 

Old Bazaar

Some people would say it’s the heart and soul of Skopje. Located on the east side of the river the bazaar is a maze of narrow stone alleys with open public spaces. Many shops can be found selling traditional Macedonian products and when you’re ready for a break, you can visit one of the many old teahouses that serve the tea in the typical small tea glasses.

When you visit the Old Bazaar, but on good walking cruisers (shoes) and take your time because if you want to see everything you will need an afternoon. Going on Friday and Saturday evening you will see lively bars some with live music.

See Skopje up high from Mount Vodno

Want to escape the city and get some stunning views of Skopje and the surroundings? Then Mount Vodno could be the thing for you. Just south-west from the city you will find Mount Vodno, the highest point of the mountain is 1066 meters. Big chance that from the city you will see a big cross on the mountain called ‘The Millennium Cross’. From the city, there is a bus line that will take you to the entrance of the cable car. The bus will depart from the international bus station, just look for a red bus, if you can’t find it, just ask somebody for the Millennium Crossline.  The cable car will take you further up the mountain or if you are feeling adventurous you can take the hike up the mountain.

On the mountain, you can see mini waterfalls, streams, and wildlife like squirrels, foxes and maybe even wolfs.

Matka Canyon
Matka Canyon Skopje

Looking to see more nature? A day trip to Matka Canyon will be well worth your time for sure. Again, very easy to reach with public transport from Skopje. Buses leave regularly to Matka Canyon. You can take the Matka Canyon boat trip which will show you the full beauty. But you can also choose to put on your hiking shoes and go hiking, but beware that the hiking trails require several hours of active climbing and might not be for everyone. You can visit the caves, go swimming and visit one to the medieval monasteries. Another amazing experience is to rent a kayak, experience the magical mountains from the water is an experience never to forgot.

After all your activities visit the Canyon Matka Restaurant. You can taste traditional Macedonian cuisine with a fine glass of wine and sit on the wooden platform beside the water watching the kayaks on the lake is truly an amazing way to end your adventure.

Traditional Foods

We already mentioned the Old Bazaar, if you are a food lover, we highly recommend to try the traditional Macedonian cuisine. In the Old Bazaar, you will find many restaurants. The traditional Macedonian cuisine has its influences from the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Because of the warm climate, it’s a perfect place where delicious vegetables and fruits grow.

The national dish of Macedonia is Tavče gravče, this is a dish prepared with fresh beans served in a traditional clay pot. Just walk into any restaurant and give it a try, you will like it!

Souvenirs at Bit Pazar

Fancy more shopping? Make a visit to the Bit Pazar, the oldest, most famous and busiest outdoor markets. Here you will find fruits, vegetables, cheap clothing, toys, and souvenirs. Even if you’re not planning on buying anything, just for the atmosphere it is worth a visit.

When buying, haggling is the thing to do. Always bargain a better price!

If you are going to visit, be on time, around 4 pm the stalls are being emptied and abandoned and then you know it’s time the leave.

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