Boat and Yacht Rental in Montenegro

Boat and Yacht Rental in Montenegro
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The summer season is upon us, and that means one thing. It's time to travel and explore the world and its beauty. If you have a target destination, you are good to go. However, if you are still not sure about where you want to go, you should consider visiting Montenegro.

Montenegro is a country located in the Balkans region, and it is known for its medieval villages, rugged mountains, and white sandy beaches. Its location makes this country the ultimate destination for anyone looking to explore the coastline, enjoy a boat ride or hire a yacht to sail across the Adriatic coastline.

The holiday season in this country runs from May to October, and this is usually the best time to get rental yachts or boats. On average, the temperatures during these months range between 26°C and 30°C. An important aspect to bear in mind is that even though the identified months provide you with an opportunity to enjoy your cruise, the months of May and June are usually the best since the beaches are not as crowded, and neither are the temperatures extremely high. However, do not be discouraged by this because this country promises you the best cruising options throughout the year.

Yacht and Boat Rental in MontenegroThe good thing about this Balkan country is that numerous charter companies are ready and willing to hire out their boats or yachts. However, the port is the ultimate place to get the best deals, the best place to enjoy some of Montenegro's irresistible food, and high-end beauty shops to keep you glowing as you enjoy your sail across the sea. The port also offers you an opportunity to hire some of the world's best superyachts that can take you across the Croatian and Dubrovnik archipelagos via routes such as Lokrum, Kolocep, and Cavtat. With the superyachts, you can also decide to sail to the southern part of the country, where you can bask in the glory of the Balkan Peninsula.

A cruise across the coastline wouldn't be complete without visiting exotic islands and tropical beaches. These exotic islands and tropical beaches are usually located across The Virgin Islands, Antigua, St. Martin, and St. Barts. In these regions, you can hire the most luxurious and affordable charter yachts that are suited for your vacation.

Depending on your preferences and budget, you can choose between sailing charters, luxury yachts, and motorboats. Most charter companies will let you choose between luxurious sailing boats and power motorboats. With these yachts, you can cruise the world from Asia to South Pacific, from the Mediterranean all the way to the Caribbean, and from Australia to the Indian Ocean. Companies with sailing charters will also allow you to cruise across the Adriatic Sea with some of the best classic and crewed yachts. Motorboats will allow you to beat summer crowds by choosing some of the best bareback and skippered boats. These rental boats can be hired on hourly or daily basis. Additionally, some charter companies will allow you to choose the boats based on their performance, open styles, and the distance you plan to cover with these boats.

When looking for a charter company to hire a boat or a yacht, you should consider factors such as the presence of professional advice from the charter companies, the list of charter boats and yachts available, the hiring prices, access to special discounts, and most importantly, the amount of time and money you will spend on your yacht vacation.

A cruise in this Balkan country will give you the opportunity to tour some of the most breathtaking places and ruins that define the history of the country. For example, the Bay of Kotor will allow you to enjoy the stillness of the ocean while getting the option to learn about the rich history of the Ottoman empire. Additionally, with the Ionian Islands and Croatia at your doorstep, you are guaranteed to sample some of the exquisite cruising destinations. Additionally, the port, which is located on the eastern side of the Adriatic Sea, has been nicknamed the "new Monaco" due to its serene environment and some of the best beaches and medieval ruins.

How to Reach Montenegro

Yacht and Boat Rental in MontenegroBased on where you are coming from, Tivat airport is the gateway to Kotor and the country's port. When you land at Tivat, you only need a 10-minute drive to reach these two towns. Additionally, the airport is serviced by private and commercial planes. Dubrovnik airport is also another option for anyone coming to this country for a cruise vacation. The airport also serves commercial and private airplanes. Helicopter charters are also available if you want to travel across the country by air.

If you are planning to cruise across the country with a foreign vessel, you must have a permit. This permit will allow you to move from one coastline or beach without any restrictions. Upon arrival, most yachts are required to proceed to use the VHF Channel 16 to enter the port of entry. Some of these ports of entry include Tivat, Zelenika, and Bar. You must also be prepared to clear with the local customs offices before proceeding with your cruise.

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