Herceg Novi Jet Ski Rental

Herceg Novi Jet Ski Rental
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Herceg Novi, a coastal town located in Montenegro is a great place to have fun on the water. There are many exciting activities you can do. If you want an adventure on the water, you can choose water skiing, flyboarding, or jet skiing on various watersports available.

If you have been in the ocean before and had a chance to drive the water-tearing beasts, you can testify that driving Jet Ski gives you maximum pleasure. Expect to raise your adrenaline from the vacation fun you will experience. Whether you choose to a two-seater or even a three-seater Jet Ski, you still experience the same fun. But in this case, driving the three-seater seems crowded.

Cost of Renting Jet Ski

Herceg Novi Jet Ski Rental

The fun of driving a Jet Ski begins at Ulcinj to Herceg Novi, Montenegro. In all the beaches you come across, you will find a jet ski for rent. The cost of renting a Jet Ski varies with the place. However, the price range per hour is €90 to €120. If you want to rent for less than an hour, you can pay around €35 to €50. The more time you spend driving a jet ski in Herceg Novi, the more joy you will have on the waves. The cost of renting a Jet Ski is expensive but it is dictated by the high utility cost and fuel consumption. Also, driving a Jet Ski is luxury.

Jet Ski Safety Measures

When having fun on the water, many unwanted things might happen. It is therefore not safe for all to drive Jet Ski. Before you rent a jet ski, there are safety measures to consider.
First and foremost, begin your drive at ease to enhance your safety. It is important, especially if you are not a pro. So, avoid going full throttle the moment you get on your jet ski. Also, there might be people under the water surface. You might accidentally hit them hard.
The other precaution before you enter on the water is to wear the vest. The moment you rent a jet ski, you will be provided. If you have an accident such that you fall off your jet, you need to land safely. The vest helps soften the hit such that you won’t experience greater bruises or injuries.
Moreover, remember putting the keyring around the wrist. It helps keep the Jet Ski safe, such that after you fall, it will shut down. So, it won’t be a threat to you. The other essential factor to observe is that you should not drive close to the beach. Some people will have fun swimming, and you might hit them.

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The Bottom Line

If you can visit Herceg Novi, Montenegro, driving Jet Ski will give you the best fun experience. However, you won’t have a problem with police water patrol. They understand some tourists visit Montenegro looking to have fun and joy. Don’t expect them to ask you about a driver's permit. But when you break the set rules, they will heavily fine you.

Where to Rent a Jet Ski in Herceg Novi


Herceg Novi Ski Rental Companies
Jet Ski Rentals Igalo (La Bamba) +382 67 859 345 (Dejo) Google Maps

If you know of any other Jet Ski rental companies, please let us know so we can list them here.

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