Herceg Novi Things to Do and See

Herceg Novi What to See and Do
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Where to Find Herceg Novi?

We can find Herceg Novi, a quiet seaside city on Montenegro’s north coast with the Adriatic Sea. In Montenegro, Herceg Novi is near Igalo, another seaside town. As we focus on Herceg Novi what to see we explore the many interesting places you can explore there. You can enjoy the beaches, the old towns, or the beautiful churches. And you can also enjoy the quietness of this charming coastal town.

1. Enjoy a walk on the Pet Danica Walkway

Herceg Novi Pet Danica WalkwayThe Pet Danica Walkway by the sea is one of the places to see. It is six kilometers long. And stretches through the length of Herceg Novi, and into nearby Igalo on one side and Meljine on the other. It is a wide and beautiful pedestrian way that runs along the length of the town’s shoreline. There you can enjoy great views and get as much of the calming sea air as you want.

From the walkway, you see every beach as you enjoy the long walk along the waterfront. There are stairways from the walkway down to the “beaches” along the way. A lot of ruins and pathways lead to small coves on the shoreline. A walk along this promenade is a good option on your list of Herceg Novi what to see.

2. Explore the Old Town Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi Old Town The Old Town is a beautiful wonder any day. Just wandering around to enjoy the city is an adventure in itself. The old town in Herceg is small but feels really authentic. It has many colorful buildings, old houses, local shops, and restaurants. Walking around is a great experience and a wonderful way to enjoy and take in the charm of the city.

The pathways are often of smooth stone. In other places, you’ll find stairways built of old stones. They lead to different alleyways and streets. There are features that remind us of the city’s history around each turn. There are plenty of shops and cafes to stop at if you want a break. The town is never busy, so you can enjoy it at your own pace.

3. Visit the Kanli-Kula

Kanli Kula Herceg NoviThis huge stone tower is called Kanli-Kula which means “bloody tower”. It is upon the hills above the Herceg old town. The tower gives you a wide view of the town and the Bay of Kotor. In its past, it served the Turks as a prison. Once there you can go down into the dungeons. You will see and experience where the prisoners carved their presence into the walls.

The large seating area for a few hundred is at the top. It serves as a theatre for movies or performances You might be lucky to see a show while you are there. You will pay two euros to enter the tower. That will be for the exploration and to experience the beautiful views from high up there.

4. Climb the Clock Tower

Herceg Novi Clock TowerThe clock tower in the town is one of the city’s familiar landmarks. It is located in the old town and towers over the city square. You can climb up to the tower for free and get a view of the city from above. From there you can enjoy the charming view of the city and its waterfront. It is a beautiful building and ideal for photo taking both day and night. This climb should be a must on your list of Herceg Novi what to see.


5. Experience the Church of Michael the Archangel

Herceg Novi Church of Michael the ArchangelThe Church of Micheal is another place you must see as part of your experience. It is a Serbian Orthodox church and a stunning piece of architecture. It is situated centrally in the Belavista square. The white stone structure of this church makes it very impressive from its outside. But you can also go inside to enjoy its interior design. And share a spiritual experience with lighting a candle.

A visit to this church gives you a great appreciation for the importance of the country’s religious history. There are also other beautiful buildings to view in the square.

6. Exploring Forte Mare

Herceg Novi Forte MareThe seafront fortress, Forte Mare stands on rocks on the coast in Herceg Novi. The history of the fortress dates back to the Middle Ages. From which time it has been used to shield Herceg Novi from attackers who might come in from the sea.

Today it is open to the public and you can climb to the top and explore it for an entrance fee of two euros. Inside the fortress, you can enjoy the old stone interior as you climb to the top. At the top, there is an open area where you can stand and enjoy a breath-taking view of the city and the Bay of Kotor.

7. Admire the city from the Pier

Herceg Novi PierAnother experience to have in Herceg Novi is a view from the pier. It extends way into the water and gives you a great view of the city. From the pier, you get a breath-taking view of the boats in the marina, lush mountains, and the colorful houses. The view will give you the best display at sunset.

The sun setting behind the mountains with the orange sky gives the city a warm glow. It would be a magical experience to view the city from out on the pier. It could give you an opportunity to get some amazing pictures of a panoramic view of the city. See the whole town against the hills from a fresh perspective.

The pier also provides a great hangout after the sun has set. At that time it becomes a place to sit and enjoy the cool sea breeze and a drink as you take in the glitter of the city lights.

8. Be Awed at the Blue Caves

Herceg Novi Blue CavesThe Blue Caves near Herceg Novi is one of many like it around the world. A short boat trip from Herceg Novi will get you there and into the cave. Inside the Blue Caves will add to your amazing experience of this charming city. Making this trip a part of your experience will include going into the rock cave to see the stunningly blue waters. You may also take a swim in the unique water.



9. Relax on the Beach

Herceg Novi BeachBeing a coastal city Herceg Novi is lined by many beaches for your choosing. There are many options for beach activities, and you will be sure to find beach fun to fit your style. You will find umbrellas and sunbeds available for rent at most of the beaches.

There are also bars from which you can get your drinks or food. In some shore areas, the beach is less built up and you can walk into the water rather than having to jump in or climb down. There you can relax freely on your beach towels. There is no bar service or sunbed to rent in those areas.

10. You can spend a day at Rose

Herceg Novi Rose VillageRose is a small, charming village that you can get to from Herceg Novi by a 20-minute boat ride. It is a perfect place for you to go to and explore for a few hours. The village is just a beach with a few houses and four restaurants. Rose is a great getaway to wander around, experience a new beachfront restaurant or go for a swim. It is known for the old, rusty, sunken ship that adorns its shore. The ship is of interest to visitors.

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