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Three ways to increase your chances of selling your property

Let me start by saying: Home selling is not easy, especially if it is done by the owner of the property. Competition is hard, the market is saturated and there are many factors that influence the real estate market. According to global Property Guide prices of new builds and resales are still rising(1). Still home selling is best done by a professional. Real estate professionals have more contact with a variety of homebuyers than an individual selling a home. 

Most realtors do their marketing to improve the selling process via digital marketing: facebook campaigns, portals, instagram campaigns, Google adwords, etc. The internet is a strong medium to present:

  1. images 
  2. videos 
  3. 360 virtual tours

Statistics prove that professional photos captivate the imagination of potential buyer better than photos taken with a mobile phone or by an amature. They also help potential buyers to make their decisions. Good photos can help you attract buyers with ease and sell your property faster.

Great images stick in your head and influence the decisions made by real estate buyers. Good images help agents market the properties to their audience a lot better which in turn helps to sell the property. Studies have shown that the majority of buyers find photographs, 360 degree virtual tours and videos very useful and influential in their buying decisions. Other surveys says that a property listed with more photos and videos were purchased faster than a property listed with fewer photos and videos. Videos and 360 virtual tours enhance the online viewing experience and increase your chances of selling your property without actually sitting down with a potential client.

The best way of staying ahead of the competition and attracting home buyers is to make sure your house is free of clutter (or at least give it your best shot) and book a professional to capture those great images or produce that video. 

A sample video here:

Andrew at ‘Real Estate Photographer Spain’ will use lighting, composition and post processing techniques to present the house at its absolute best. Have a look here for samples: 360 degree photography and video is also an available service. Samples of 360 degree photography with property walk through is viewable here: SAMPLE

Andrew has many years experience in this field, produces results that many professional real estate agents have depended upon, a relatively short turn around time and flexible delivery options.

Can you take the chance of not presenting your property at its absolute best? Only you can do the cost-benefit analysis. Each month you have not been able to sell the property means more expenses. Compare this to the price of a good photographer and the decision is easy to make.

Do not wait any longer and call Andrew on 671589185 to book your session. 

You can find more information about Andrews work on 

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(1): January 2020 report: 

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