Lokrum Island Croatia, things to Do and See!

Lokrum Island Croatia Guide
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The Beautiful Little Island Getaway

If nature reserves are something that is of interest to you, then Lokrum Island may just be that perfect day trip on your vacation or a quick getaway to Dubrovnik! This small island is located close to Dubrovnik and can easily be seen from many different places in the city. This island is a great way to spend time away from all of the constant hustle of Dubrovnik! You will enjoy beautiful views, a lot of peace and serenity and some calm, peaceful waters!

Lokrum Island is covered in beautiful vegetation and has many unique plant species. Some of these plant species are even imported from other tropical areas. This island was actually purchased by Maxilimilan I in 1858, an archduke of Austria. A lot of the vegetation that is seen on this island is from the archduke's grand gardens that were created during the ownership of Maxilmilan I.

If you are a lover of the popular TV series Game of Thrones, this is another reason to head on over to visit Lokrum Island. This is one of the locations where the filming of this show took place!

This island also provides many great pictures, for those who are photography enthusiasts! Because the vegetation is so green and beautiful, there are numerous opportunities to get that perfect picture! The island makes it easy to take a beautiful image without much effort or editing!

Lokrum Island Croatia Kayaking TOur

How to Get to Lokrum Island

A boat service is provided, leaving Dubrovnik Old Town port and going directly to the island. These boats are run daily during the months of April through November. The frequency of service does increase during the summer months, as these are common months to go to the island. This will ensure that there is less time waiting for the next boat to go to the island. The time it takes to get to the island from the mainland is only 10 minutes. It is a short and quick ride!

For those that are more adventurous and prefer to do more physical activity, kayaking over to the island is another option! There are local tour groups that will kayak together from Dubrovnik to the island. This can add another fun activity onto your itinerary when visiting Dubrovnik.

Things to See and Do on the Lokrum Island

One thing that is common among visitors is checking out some of the more common interests on the island and then spending the afternoon hanging out by the sea, even doing a little swimming. There are plenty of flat locations of rocks to lay out a towel and do a little sunbathing while enjoying the water, as well.

It is important to remember that since this island is a nature reserve, there are rules that need to be followed. There is no smoking allowed on the island. This helps to keep the air pure and clean for everyone to enjoy the island and all it has to offer. In addition, make sure to clean up after yourself before you leave!

Botanical Garden

The garden was founded back in 1959. Many of the beautiful vegetation and plants that are seen today, though, were actually planted back during the 19th century during Maximilian I's ownership. The garden has many different varieties of plants: palm trees, eucalyptus trees and cacti, to name a few.

The Monastery

This was built originally during the 11th century but the parts that are visible today were actually built during the 15th and the 16th centuries. Unfortunately, this was damaged pretty badly during the earthquake in 1667.

Lokrum Island Croatia Dead Sea

The Dead Sea

This lake is still currently a salt lake and is a great spot for those who enjoy relaxing in the lake's calm waters.

Charlotte's Well

This well is a common spot to visit among visitors. It is unknown exactly what it was used for but a common theory is for bathing and to help maintain the island's vegetation.

Fort Royal

This spot is built on the island's highest point. The views that are seen from the top are simply gorgeous! The path to the top is uneven, so be prepared with good walking shoes!

Lokrum Island Croatia Botanical Gardens

Staying Overnight on the Island

Since this is a nature reserve, there are no accommodations to stay overnight on the island. It also is forbidden. Since it is so close to the mainland and to Dubrovnik, though, the island can be visited for multiple days during your stay!

Food and Drinks on the Island

A lot of visitors will bring their own food and drinks that they can enjoy during a picnic lunch or snack while visiting. This can be a great option for those looking to save some money! If you would like to purchase food and drinks on the island, there are plenty of options to choose from! There are bars, restaurants and even small cafes.

Some options to consider are:

  • Lacroma Restaurant: This is the best option when it comes to getting a sit-down meal, rather than a quick bite, on the island. There are many choices to choose from!
  • Snack Bar Lacroma: This snack bar has great options for a lighter lunch completed with drinks and even a dessert! This is a great option to grab some food right when you get to the island or right before leaving, as it is close to where the boat drops off.
  • Lake Cocktail Bar: This little bar is located by the Dead Sea. It provides a more relaxing and laid-back location to enjoy a drink or a coffee.
  • Konoba Rajski Vrt: This option is close to the monastery and provides a great quick lunch option!


Before deciding to visit the island, it is important to remember that the dates of operation are only from April to November. You won't be able to find a way over to the island in the months outside of those dates! Whether you are coming to Dubrovnik for a quick visit or a longer stay, this island is a great addition to the itinerary! The beautiful vegetation that is seen here is like nowhere else!

Don't forget to pack or wear some good walking shoes, as you will be doing a lot of walking on the island! If you want to check out the beautiful, calm waters, make sure to also pack a swimsuit and a towel! You can enjoy laying on the rocks and sunbathing after swimming, as well. This island will make a great addition to your trip or your vacation!

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